Sunday, March 18, 2007

Different perspectives on polls of Iraq

Both CNN.con and ran stories on polls concerning the Iraq War. CNN reports on their own poll. Fox reports on a poll reported by the London Times. CNN highlights negative views of the Iraq situation while Fox's story has some positive aspects. Look at their respective headlines and opening sentences:


Poll: Confidence in Iraq war down sharply

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Americans are starkly less confident and proud of their country's involvement in Iraq, according to poll results released Sunday.

However, the poll -- results of which were released on the eve of the Iraq war's 4-year anniversary -- also indicated that Americans are no more worried about the conflict than they were when it began in March 2003.


Poll: Only 27 Percent of Iraqis Say Country Is in Civil War

Despite sectarian slaughter, ethnic cleansing and homicide bombs, an opinion poll conducted on the eve of the fourth anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq has found a striking resilience and optimism among the inhabitants.

The poll, the biggest since coalition troops entered Iraq on March 20, 2003, shows that by a majority of two to one, Iraqis prefer the current leadership to Saddam Hussein 's regime, regardless of the security crisis and a lack of public services.

The survey, published today, also reveals that contrary to the views of many western analysts, most Iraqis do not believe they are embroiled in a civil war



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