Friday, March 16, 2007

DNC picking on Mitt Romney

The Democratic National Committee is using name-calling tactics by trying to pin a label on Republican candidate Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney is referred to as “smooth talking Mitt Romney” in DNC press releases and posts on 3/15/2007, 3/9/2007, 3/7/2007, 3/3/2007, 2/28/2007, 2/26/2007, 2/22/2007, 2/21/2007, 2/13/2007, 2/8/2007, 2/5/2007, 1/31/2007, 1/26/2007, 1/24/2007, 1/22/2007 – you get the idea. This is reminiscent of the previous Republican tactic of calling John Kerry a flip-flopper. Say it enough times and hope it sticks. I detest this type of tactic and consider it a distraction from true dialog.

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