Thursday, March 08, 2007

DNC vs.RNC: Democrats plan for Iraq

The Democrats have a plan for bringing U.S. Troops home that is being proposed in the House. I looked at the national committee web sites for the Democrats and Republicans to see what they had to say. The RNC has a statement from the chairman, Robert “Mike” Duncan and the DNC has a posting by Michal link. I was a little disappointed in the words used by both that are not conducive to a civil debate.

The RNC refers to the proposed legislation as a “slow-bleed plan.” They also use “cut and run,” “deadline for retreat,” and “defeat and retreat.”

The DNC says the legislation will “attack the neglect of returning troops and veterans” (kind of a broad statement that takes advantage of the Walter Reed incident). Rather than a war on terror in Iraq, the DNC statement talks of bringing to an end our “participation in Iraq's civil war.” It also refers to “Bush's failed Iraq policy.”

My point here is not the specific points that each are making because each have some valid things to say. However, I believe they could choose words that are less confrontational that would lead to better dialog. I recognize that there is a lot of anger but we need to control that and debate this as calmly as possible. Both parties want the same thing. Both want peace. Give peace a chance!

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