Thursday, March 08, 2007

Headlines: General Petraeus' comments

CNN is running a Reuters story on recent comments by General Petraeus, chief of U.S. Forces in Iraq. Fox is running an AP story. CNN uses these two quotes early in the article:

"There is no military solution to a problem like that in Iraq, to the insurgency of Iraq," Petraeus said."Military action is necessary to help improve security ... but it is not sufficient."

CNN uses the first statement above for their headline while Fox uses the latter. CNN's headline is more negative concerning our military efforts while Fox's headline implies that the military part is important but that more is needed on the political side:

CNN: No military solution to Iraq - U.S. chief

Fox: Petraeus: Military Force Alone 'Not Sufficient' to End Iraq Violence

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Anonymous said...

On The War In Iraq
Several years ago I read in the news That Bin Laden said he was going to cause the United States to go bankrupt. It looks like he is being very successful at his goal, more than President Bush and the United States.
The reason why is because President Bush and some Republicans have done and are doing what Bin Laden wants them to do. Spending 3 billion dollars a week in Iraq. That is borrowed money that the country does not have. It will be a never ending war unless some one does something. Takes action
What kind of action?
The two choices it looks like to me are #1,pulling our troops out of that country and stop spending 3 billion dollars a week that we don't have. They are going to be fighting over their no matter wheather we are their are not. President Bush and certain people have just been adding fuel to the fire.
According to the way I interpt the Biblet that is not a very good thing to do.
The war has helped push up oil and gas prices. It is also why our country is in a recession.
#2 option- Strike or hit certain targets that will end most of the war.
Borrowing money is not Bibical in order for a person or country to have prosperty. It is not wise.
Our country needs to stop doing that to fund an unnecessary war.