Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hillary Scary?

Poll: Dems Win in '08, Hillary's Scary

FOX News poll finds Americans think a Democrat will win White House, but 1-in-4 would be 'scared' if it's Hillary Clinton

Both and are running stories about polls of the 2008 presidential election. CNN's is a article linked from their site about a TIME poll. Fox's is a Fox News poll. Interestingly, Fox shows the Democrats winning the presidency and CNN's Time poll shows the Republicans winning. Hillary Clinton really takes a hit in Fox's article. Check out these excerpts:

“... while many voters would be enthusiastic or pleased if any one of the current front-runners were to win, one candidate scares more people than the others — Sen. Hillary Clinton.”

“The bad news for Clinton is that she leads the pack at the negative end of the scale: 40 percent of voters say they would be displeased or scared if Clinton were to become the next president, 25 percent would feel that way if McCain won, 24 percent if Obama won and 24 percent Giuliani.”

“Furthermore, one of four voters — 26 percent — say they would be "scared" if Clinton were to win — that’s more than twice as many as those who say the same of Obama (11 percent) and McCain (9 percent) and more than three times as many as feel that way about Giuliani (8 percent).”

TIME does not use a word like “scary” but they do have some potential bad news for Hillary at this early point in the campaign:

In Clinton's case, as TIME pollster Mark Schulman points out, "with Hillary the Democratic front-runner, most voters have made up their minds about her, both pro and con. She may have limited upward potential against Republicans. ..."

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