Sunday, April 15, 2007

CNN vs. Fox: Treatment of Gonzales

There are certainly two perspectives on Attorney General Alberto Gonzales today. CNN and Fox News each have links to their stories on their home pages. Gonzales testifies in two days concerning the firing of several district attorneys. He wrote an op-ed piece for the Washington Post and his statement for his hearing has been released. CNN's article is much hasher towards Gonzales than Fox; or you can say Fox is kinder towards him than CNN.

Headlines. CNN focuses on the expected grilling Gonzales while Fox provides some defensive wording. Specter: Gonzales to face 'serious questions' on firings Attorney General Gonzales Insists U.S. Attorney Firings Were Not Improper

Opening sentences. The same thing can be noticed in the opening sentences. The Senate Judiciary Committee's ranking Republican warned Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to avoid generalizations and "deal with the facts," two days before Gonzales is expected to answer questions about the dismissal of eight U.S. attorneys. The firing of eight U.S. attorneys could have been handled better, but the prosecutors were not dismissed for any "improper reason," Attorney General Alberto Gonzales will say Tuesday.

Gonzales quotes. For both articles, I counted the number of words used in directly quoting or paraphrasing Gonzales from the op-ed article or his statement. Here are the results. 229 words out of 1081 total words in the article. This is 21% of the article. 557 words out of 1291 for 43%, over twice CNN's percentage.

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