Sunday, April 22, 2007

Politics and Success in Iraq

On Friday, Senator Harry Reid spoke about the recent war of words that started with his "the war is lost" comment. His web site has a copy of his statement. In that statement Reid says, "No one wants us to succeed in Iraq more than the Democrats." I wonder if that really is true. Let's say the recent addition of troops really had an impact in Iraq and that things were turning around dramatically. Would that make Reid happy? Didn't he get his powerful position because the Democrats took the Senate? Didn't they take the Senate, in large part, because of things not going well in Iraq? If things did turn out well, would the Republicans take over in the next elections? So, how hard do the Democrats work to make things better in Iraq?

FoxNews published a poll that included the following two questions about the role of politics in Iraq policy. Overwhelmingly, both Republicans and Democrats believe both parties are playing politics when it comes to Iraq.


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