Monday, January 28, 2008

Analogy: Democrats vs. Republicans

Previously, I made an analogy of democrats and republicans as parents. Here's another. Let's say a democrat is walking downtown and passes a homeless person on the sidewalk who asks for some spare change. My impression , in general of the democrats' approach, is that the democrat would give the person some money. A republican in the same situation would say "Get a job!" and walk on by. Neither approach is necessarily the right one. The issue is complex. Are the poor to blame for being poor? Your answer to that question probably has a lot to do with where you are politically.


Anonymous said...

That's dumb. Statistics show the Republicans are far more generous toward charities. The correct Democrat reponse would be "We should get you on welfare and tax it to somebody that is working hard to earn their own money."

Junie4567 said...

Funny, I am a Republican and my husband (an independent from an English Social Democrat background) thought I was crazy and had to get after me for not being careful enough when we lived in D.C., because I would always invite the homeless men (they usually were men) to the nearby McDonald's for a meal. When we lived in Germany there were usually a couple of guys begging on the street and I would buy them something at the bakery - a sandwich and a drink, etc. I save my money giving for the Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc because I believe that these organizations will put it to better use than someone on the street.

My biggest goal as an American is to make sure, even though we have a modest income, that we try not to get into a situation where we need taxpayer/government help and also raise my kids the same way. That means we do with one car, have often done without cable, vacations, etc. We budget carefully and work to get more and better education for ourselves and our children.

I believe and have witnessed first hand here and in Europe that socialism weakens people and keeps them from reaching their full potential. Look at New Orleans - perfect example. It is difficult to reach a good balance of socialism vs self responsibility, but less is better than more! I believe it is our job as citizens to help ourselves and to help others, not to force the taxpayers, via the government to do it for us. That's why I am a republican! JMHO. :)

Anonymous said...

Wait, the republican would say, "Get a job, but don't ask me for one of those either." ;)