Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Campaign Buttons - Rudy

This is my last in a series of posts on campaign buttons. Of the republicans, Rudy has the biggest selection (a button store of similar size to Hillary and Obama). I’ve shown a classic blue which they all seem to have in one form or another. I like the simplicity of just having "Rudy" on this one.

I am also showing this black and orange button because it is so different from the standard red, white, and blue. Rudy has a number of options: a rectangle “Rudy,” an oval button, several with his picture, and a “Viva Rudy” button. There are several "fill in the blank for Rudy buttons." So far, these include “veterans,” “women,” students,” “Italian-Americans,” “sportsmen,” “firefighters,” and “law enforcement.” If Rudy does not do well in Florida there may not be much demand for these buttons.

Rudy's button store.

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