Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Clinton vs. Obama: Florida Statements

With Florida being punished by the Democratic National Committee for moving its primary date up, its hard to know what to make of the voting results since no delegates were at stake. Both candidates made the best of the news however. Here are statements from campaign officials:

Hillary Clinton chief strategist, Mark Penn, said: "Hillary Clinton won a significant victory today in the Florida primary with biggest turnout in Florida Democratic primary history. ... The vote turned out to be far more than symbolic. Well over 1.5 million Democrats cast their ballots, more than twice the number of voters who came out to vote in the 2004 primary. ..."

Mark Penn later adds this dig on Obama: "This result comes after Senator Obama ran TV commercials that reached Florida homes and after the enormous publicity he received for South Carolina and for the Ted Kennedy endorsement. The exit polls show widespread recognition of the endorsement -- but even so among those who decided on Election Day, a plurality of those chose Hillary."

Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton said: "...Now that Senator Clinton has lost badly in South Carolina, she’s trying to assign meaning to a contest that awards zero delegates and where no campaigning has occurred. Senator Clinton’s own campaign has repeatedly said that this is a ‘contest for delegates’, and tonight, Florida awarded zero. ..." Below the statement is a delegate count.
Current pledged delegates:

Obama – 63 pledged delegates

Clinton – 48 pledged delegates

Edwards – 26 pledged delegates

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