Tuesday, January 29, 2008

CNN vs. Fox: State of the Union Address 2008

Although this blog is now primarily about the election campaigns, I thought I would do this post in the spirit of what was the initial purpose for this blog. That is, I would look at how CNN.com and FoxNews.com would cover various stories. With the State of the Union address recently completed, I decided to look at how they are reporting the story. The headlines (as of 11:30 pm EST) are very telling of their respective biases.

CNN's headline points out the negative "period of uncertainty":

[Note: CNN's article quickly points out some negative information about President Bush in the second sentence: "With his approval ratings in the low 30s, an opposition-led Congress and his presidency overshadowed by the race for his successor, Bush offered little new."]

Fox's headline touts the conservative mantra:

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