Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fox News: Associating Obama with Confederate anthem

I wonder if the people at Fox News realize what they have done. To note Barack Obama's South Carolina Victory they have used the headline "Obama is Whistling Dixie."

The National Public Radio site has an article on the song which opens with these words about the song Dixie (emphasis added):

Nov. 11, 2002 -- "Dixie" -- a song strongly identified with the South -- stirs emotion and exposes timeworn rifts across American society.

It has been that way almost since "Dixie" was born in the days just before the Civil War. Adopted as a Confederate anthem, it was offered up by President Abraham Lincoln as a gesture of reconciliation after the war. It's accepted with affection by many whites and scorned by many blacks. ...

Wikipedia has an informative entry on "Dixie." Here is a quote (emphasis added):

The song became the unofficial anthem of the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War. This and the tune's minstrel-show origins have created a strong association of "Dixie" with the Old South. As a result, some today view the song as offensive and racist while others see it as a legitimate part of Southern heritage.

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