Tuesday, January 29, 2008

McCain ("Reagan conservative") vs. Romney: Florida press releases

Very shortly after it was determined that John McCain was the victor over Mitt Romney in the Florida republican primary, both candidates put out press releases. It is interesting to note that since the results were so close, McCain seems to be reaching out to the conservatives in the republican party. Accused by Romney as being too liberal, McCain used these words in his press release:
"I stand for the principles and policies that first attracted me to the Republican Party when I heard, in whispered conversations and tap codes, about the then Governor of California, who stood by me and my comrades, and who was making quite a reputation for standing by his convictions no matter the changing winds of political thought and popular culture. ... And I am as proud to be a Reagan conservative today, as I was then. ... Our party has always been successful when we have, like Ronald Reagan, stood fast by our convictions."
Perhaps he was feeling the heat of being endorsed by the New York Times, which some conservatives saw as a negative endorsement.

Romney's press release contained his usual rhetoric but very well balanced in terms of the economy, the war on terror, etc. It is also very anti-Washington, undoubtedly a dig against McCain although he does not mention him.

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