Friday, February 08, 2008

**UPDATE** Clinton vs. Obama: Donations from Lobbyists?

On Feb. 6th, Hillary's web site "Fact Check" says Barack was attacking her and was being perhaps a little hypocritical (my word not her's) regarding taking money from lobbyists. She quotes Obama as saying:
"It's a choice between a candidate who's taken more money from Washington lobbyists than either Republican in this race and a campaign that has not taken a dime of their money." -Obama
I find it interesting that she does not refute his claim about the money she has taken from lobbyists. However, she makes the following case that while Obama may be technically correct in his assertion, some of his money can be tied to lobbyists:
"Sen. Obama's comments come on the same week Public Citizen released a report detailing ten bundlers for Sen. Obama who have registered as federal lobbyists. Sen. Obama has also taken money from former lobbyists, partners of lobbyists, people who hire lobbyists, lobbyists' spouses, and state lobbyists. Until he started running for president, Sen. Obama took money from federal lobbyists and, as a state senator, directly from corporations." -Clinton
On Feb 8th, Obama has a rebuttal on his web site. Was Hillary intentionally misrepresenting the truth or did she not do her homework? Or, is association with former lobbyists just as bad?

Public Citizen recently claimed that Barack Obama has 10 bundlers who are federal lobbyists. But none of the individuals they cite are currently registered to lobby. As an Obama spokesperson has said, the ban on accepting money from federal lobbyists is not "a perfect solution to the problem [of money in politics], and it isn't even a perfect symbol, but it does reflect that Obama shares the urgent desire of the American people to change the way Washington operates."

Read Public Citizen's List Here

Check Lobbyist Registrations Here

Frank Clark, NOT REGISTERED SINCE 2000; Scott Harris, NOT REGISTERED IN 2007; Allan J. Katz, NOT REGISTERED IN 2007; Robert S. Litt, NOT REGISTERED SINCE 2002; Thomas J. Perrelli, NOT REGISTERED SINCE 2005; Thomas A. Reed, TERMINATION ONLINE; Paul N. Roth, NOT REGISTERED IN 2007; Alan Solomont, NOT REGISTERED IN 2007;Tom E. Wheeler, NOT REGISTERED SINCE 2003


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GNTB said...

I have been reading Newsmeat cuz I am undecided. Something is really trublg me w/all of the Muslim/Islamic contributors listed
just in A's alone over 59 or ore for Obama. Is this the change that we can xpect? Muslims hanging out at the White House?