Monday, February 18, 2008

Clinton vs. Obama: NAFTA tiff

There’s a little tiff going on between Hillary and Barack on whether or not Obama said he supported NAFTA in the past. Hillary’s “Fact Hub” claims that a transcript excerpt on Obama’s site does not match what was said in a 2004 speech given by Obama to the Illinois Farm Bureau. She offers audio links of Obama’s speech (Part I and Part II). However, it is impossible to check Hillary’s side of the argument. In Part I, Obama makes no mention of NAFTA and when I click on Part II, I get: “File has expired. The file you are trying to download has expired and is no longer available.”

Obama’s side of the argument cannot be checked either. On his “Know the Facts” site, he has a link to “the full transcript of the question Obama was asked in 2004.” That statement is a little misleading in that “full transcript” sounds like the entire speech but it apparently means just the answer to the question. So, it is not possible to check the entire speech. By the way, when you click on full transcript it takes you to another posting where it says “Click below for the full transcript of Obama's response referenced in the 2004 story.” There is no place to click below. There is however a paragraph that appears to be the transcript portion in question.

I could not find a transcript from other sources so this one will have to be a draw.


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