Sunday, February 24, 2008

Clinton vs. Obama vs. McCain: Voting Records

Here's a random list of rankings and ratings comparing the senators on their voting records, with regard to specific special interest organizations. I've provided a link to each report. I may add more scorecard information in future posts.

Liberal Ranking for 2007 (National Journal)

Hillary Clinton (82.8, 16th place)

Barack Obama (95.5, 1st place)

Civil Rights Report Card for 2006 (NAACP):

Hillary Clinton (96%, A)

Barack Obama (100%, A)

John McCain (7%, F)

[Note: all three received an Incomplete for 2007, probably due to campaigning.]

Civil Liberties for 110th Congress (ACLU):

Hillary Clinton (67%, 35th)

Barack Obama (88%, 20th)

John McCain (17%, 82nd)

Environment for 109th Congress (League of Conservation Voters)

Hillary Clinton (89%, tied for 17th)

Barack Obama (96%, tied for 3rd)

John McCain (41%, tied for 44th)

Family for 109th Congress (2nd session) (Family Research Council and Focus on the Family)

Hillary Clinton (0%, tied for last)

Barack Obama (0%, tied for last)

John McCain (62%, tied for 36th)

Darfur for 2006/2007 (Genocide Intervention Network)

Hillary Clinton (A+/A)

Barack Obama (A+/A)

John McCain (B/C)

High Tech for 110th session (Computer and Communications Industry Association)

Hillary Clinton (79%)

Barack Obama (86%)

John McCain (64%)

[scores reflect the votes they missed while on the campaign trail]

Abortion for 109th session (National Right to Life Committee)

Hillary Clinton (0%)

Barack Obama (0%)

John McCain (75%)

GLBT Equality for 109th session (Human Rights Campaign)

Hillary Clinton (89%)

Barack Obama (89%)

John McCain (33%)

Latino Civil Rights for 108th session (National Council of La Raza)

Hillary Clinton (100%)

Barack Obama (prior to his election to the Senate)

John McCain (67%)

Secularism for 109th session (Secular Coalition for America)

Hillary Clinton (100%)

Barack Obama (90%)

John McCain (20%)

Animal Protection for the 109th session (Humane Society Legislative Fund)

Hillary Clinton (100+%)

Barack Obama (60%)

John McCain (40%)



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Thanks to whoever posted this! I've been having some trouble deciding who to vote for so i decided to cut through all the propoganda and see if i could compare obama and mccain's voting record and i found this to be very useful, so thanks!

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lalalallaalalalal nothing on troop withdrawal

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Agreed, thanks for posting this. Have not read through it yet. Hope it sites sources. If not, people, America, verify sources.