Wednesday, February 06, 2008

CNN vs. Fox: Hillary lends money to her campaign

Hillary Clinton loaned her campaign $5 million. covered this as a brief article in their “political ticker” feature. had a longer article. It is interesting to note the different tone in each of the articles with CNN being much more favorable to Hillary, in my opinion. Both mention that Hillary's loan was necessary to keep up with Obama’s phenomenal fundraising in recent weeks. Fox offers the following information that is not found in CNN’s article:

“The Clinton camp had deflected questions about any self-funding from the senator until after Super Tuesday.” [Apparently she did not want to admit this before the vote.]

“Obama has not donated any personal money to his campaign and, unlike Clinton, has not accepted donations from corporate special interest political funds.”

“The need to lend the campaign money exposes Clinton’s inability to raise money from new donors as fast or in increments as large as Obama’s.”

“Obama has raised more money from small donations than Clinton. An analysis by the Campaign Finance Institute, which tracks trends in political money, found that Obama raised about a third of his money in 2007 from donors who gave $200 or less. Only one-third of his money came from donors who have given the legal maximum of $2,300, compared to Clinton who raised about half of her money from “maxed out” donors and only 14 percent from donors of $200 or less.”


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