Thursday, February 21, 2008

CNN vs. Fox: McCain and the Lobbyist and are both running stories about the New York Times article on John McCain and his relationship with a lobbyist. The tone of McCain’s reaction is portrayed very differently between CNN and Fox. Look at the difference in the headlines where Fox uses the phrase “lashes out” and CNN just has a short statement form McCain.

CNN: McCain on claim of coziness with lobbyist: 'It's not true'

FOX: McCain Lashes

Out Against New York Times Over Story on Relationship With


In opening sentences, CNN’s article has McCain simply denying the assertions. Fox uses much stronger wording:

CNN: Sen. John McCain on Thursday denied assertions published in The New York Times that he once had a close relationship with a female lobbyist whose clients had business before his Senate committee.
Fox: Joined by wife Cindy, John McCain lashed out Thursday at a new report in The New York Times that revisits the Republican presidential candidate’s relationship with a female lobbyist, and rebuked the paper for spreading false rumors. … McCain called a press conference in Toledo, Ohio, to slam the paper for embellishing his committee activities on Iseman’s behalf.

The pictures also show different tones of McCain’s reaction with Fox showing him to be more forceful in his denial.

CNN (CNN photo)

FOX (AP photo)


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