Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hillary and Barack on the Feb 9th Primaries

Here is what Hillary has to say on her official campaign web site about Obama's sweep of Washington, Louisiana, Nebraska, and the Virgin Islands: nothing. As of 10:00 am (EST) on Sunday the 10th, there is nothing. Usually her web site is very active and updated frequently. Maybe her staff is taking the weekend off.

Barack, of course is crowing about his win. He is using numbers to his advantage. On his home page, he has a "state of the race" tally saying 19 of 30 wins. Never mind it is the delegates that count, not the number of states.

In a blog, his campaign manager, David Plouffe, touts Obama's lead in "pledged" delegates, never mind that "super" delegates are important too. CNN estimates that Hillary still has a lead when you consider super delegates (Clinton has 1,100 delegates and Obama has 1,039, according to CNN calculations). Here is what Plouffe says:

"Based on estimates of returns, Obama more than doubled his current pledged delegate lead. Entering tonight, the lead was 27 pledged delegates, it is now estimated to be a lead of 72. In the four contests today, we estimate we won 103 delegates to Clinton’s 58 delegates for a net gain of 45 delegates. This net gain of 45 delegates represent more than the 42 delegate net gain Senator Clinton earned in the states of Massachusetts, New Jersey, Tennessee and Arizona – combined. The pledged delegate total through February 9 now stands at 1,012 for Obama and 940 for Clinton." - Plouffe


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