Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hillary Clinton vs. Herself: "Whatever Happens"

Much is being made of Hillary’s statement at the debate when she said: “whatever happens, we’re going to be fine.” The phrase sounds like she is admitting she will lose the candidacy. On her “Fact Hub” she has what I consider a very strange argument to try and show that that was not her intent. She uses quite a mix of quotes from various people who have used the same phrase in an attempt to say that it is just common usage. Her Fact Hub posting is bizarre in my opinion. There are twelve quotes; 9 are from sports figures (relevancy?), one is Laura Bush in 2000 (I’m not kidding), one is Lindsay Lohan (I’m still not kidding), and one is from an interim police chief. Why would you quote a Notre Dame football player from last year? Notre Dame went on to a 3-9 record, had the most losses in a single year, 2 of the 10 worst losses ever, and the first 6-game losing streak for home games. Seems to me Hillary is saying she is going to lose and be just fine, just like Notre Dame football.


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