Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Is Hillary getting squeezed out?

In looking at the official campaign web sites tonight I notice that

(1) John McCain has two releases related to Obama:
ICYMI: The USA Today On Obama's Waffling On Public Financing
ICYMI: John McCain On Barack Obama
(2) Barack Obama has a fact check related to McCain:

John McCain Derides Obama As Offering ''Confused Leadership'' Because He Would Take Out High-Level Terrorists Like Bin Laden

Both front-runners are attacking each other but neither addresses any Hillary Clinton issues, at least not today. If the trend continues, Hillary will know what Kucinich, Edwards, et al. felt like trying to get some attention once the front-runners are established.

(3) Hillary Clinton's recent fact checks are anti-Obama which is natural because she has to take him on and win in Ohio and Texas. Maybe Obama can afford to start worrying more about McCain rather than Hillary.


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