Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Is Hillary paranoid?

Hearkening back to the days of the “right-wing conspiracy” Hillary Clinton and her staff seem a little paranoid as they emphasize attacks against her.

Here are some examples from her campaign web site [my comments are added in red; my emphasis in bold added]. Let me explain that a candidate should point out and clear up any misleading and/or false information said about the candidate. So, Hillary should definitely do this. My point is the emphasis she places on being “attacked.”

If you go to Hillary’s “Fact Hub” page you will see a link to the “Attack Timeline” web site which is subtitled, “Obama on the Attack.”

A press release from her chief strategist, Mark Penn, uses these words:

As soon as the Democratic nominee is selected, the entire force of the GOP attack machine will bear down on that nominee. This attack machine has been built and honed over decades; it is formidable, and employs all forms of media, from talk radio to major newspaper columns to television, email, blogs, websites, direct mail, and extensive ground networks. [Side note: This is used as a curious argument: Hillary has already withstood these attacks and when Obama is subjected to them he may be disliked more than Hillary; so, therefore Hillary is the better candidate. “Sen. Obama's Negatives Will Rise; Hillary's Are Already Factored In.”]

On her “Fact Hub” she has these recent posts in February, this far:

Sen. Obama Speech in Seattle, WA, Contains Misleading Attacks on Hillary
Sen. Obama’s Speech In Omaha, NE Contains Three Misleading Attacks On Hillary
Sen. Obama’s Speech In Wilmington, DE Contains Four Misleading Attacks On Hillary
False Smear Against Clinton Campaign
The Obama Campaign’s Negative Mail: Harry and Louise Redux

From a press release on February 2, 2008 entitled “Yesterday in the States:”

Colorado: “U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette held a conference call to address Sen. Obama’s new mailer, which falsely attacks Hillary’s health care plan.” [There are similar references for Connecticut, Delaware, New York, and North Dakota.]


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