Sunday, February 10, 2008

Superdelegate Problem

Seven out of 82 blogs for Sunday on the Democratic National Committee web site expressed some concerns about the superdelegate issue. This may continue to develop into a damaging controversy if Hillary and Obama remain close in delegate count. With Mitt Romney dropping out, the Republicans may be able to get a head start on the Democrats (assuming that McCain can rally conservatives to his side soon). Here are some excerpts from DNC Community Blogs:

I dont want some super delegate to not vote following the popular vote - it makes us democrats look like we have behind door hand shakes and that process of what has been going on is making america weak.

This is becoming an accident waiting to happen. What I hope Howard Dean is doing is coming up with a solution and fast. Personally, I feel that the super delegates should side with the majority vote from their jurisdiction.

I think the DNC would be wise to put out the Party's viewpoint on the controversy before it heats up further.

Today on ABC with George Stephanopoulos, Donna Brazille stated that if the super delegates elect Hillary she will quit the democratic party!

According to ABC news: Hillary Clinton leads in popular vote; Barack Obama leads in voter delegates; Hillary Clinton leads in pledged super delegates; Either way unfortunately this is gonna be messy. How do you decide in the argument of popular vote verses voter delegates?

This blog raises a simple set of questions:
1. What would happen should one Democratic candidate win the most super delegates even as the other candidate accrued a majority of the overall delegates, states, and voters?
2. Would the popular vote be respected?

As a party we cannot allow what I'm afraid is going to happen actually happen. I am afraid we are going to have a split decision going to the convention, at which time the superdelegates will have to cast their votes. If these people cast their votes for anybody other than the person the American people chose to their candidate we will have a divided party.

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