Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Tuesday: The Day After

Well, at about 10:30 am (EST), I checked each web site to see what the candidates are saying about the results yesterday.

Barack Obama: He declares himself the winner, getting more states and more delegates.

Hillary Clinton: Not much mention of Super Tuesday as a whole (maybe because Obama won) but she does have a scrolling list of states she won on her home page.

John McCain: Like Obama, he "won" Super Tuesday" for his party. He was not shy about his victories.

Mitt Romney: The results had to be a little disappointing for Mitt. He makes mention of going on with the campaign. He has a press release with his thoughts about the results. His campaign manager has a press release complaining about John McCain's "backroom deal" which gave West Virginia to Huckabee.

Mike Huckabee: He was probably proud to win what he did and shows a map of the winning states.


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