Friday, February 01, 2008

Which candidate is more likely to do anything to win?

I was looking at the latest FOX News/Opinion Dynamics Poll published February 1st. The results are interesting but I found two questions to be particularly strange and I could not help but think that maybe they were designed with Hillary Clinton in mind, perhaps as a way to make some points about perceptions of her character.

The first strange question, #15, is “Which presidential candidate do you think is more likely to do anything -- including something unethical -- to win the election?” The choices were the two leading candidates from each party; Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John McCain, and Mitt Romney; plus “don’t know.”

Clinton topped the list with 44%, then Romney 11%, McCain 9%, Obama 8%, Don’t know 28%. Hillary was the top choice by democrats, republicans, and independents.

The 2nd question that seemed a little weird to me, #18, is “Regardless of how you plan to vote, which presidential candidate do you think is the most likely to do something that would embarrass the country?" The choices were the same.

Clinton topped the list again with 37%, then Romney 14%, McCain 12%, Obama 11%, Don’t know 26%. Hillary was the top choice by republicans and independents. Democrats chose Romney by a slim margin over Hillary, 22% to 19% respectively.

Regardless of what is actually true there does seem to be a perception that Hillary is the most untrustworthy. But, I still find it odd that these questions were even asked this way in the first place. Whoever designed the questions may have expected these results.


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