Sunday, March 16, 2008

Clinton vs. Obama: Earmarks

Hillary is trying to fight back against Obama's request that she reveal her latest tax returns and her earmarks. I have a couple of problems with regard to some information on her "Fact Hub" on the campaign website.

In referring to an AP article, she states this which appears to be true from the article:
Sen. Bradley also claimed that Sen. Obama has "revealed all of his earmarks - all the earmarks that he sponsored." That's also false. Sen. Obama refuses to release the vast majority of earmarks he requested as a state senator.
However, in that same article she skips over this:
Since entering the U.S. Senate and launching his presidential campaign, Obama has made a political issue of openness.
He voluntarily discloses the "earmarks" he adds to the federal budget; Clinton does not. He initially released only one year's worth of earmark information, but on Thursday he released his requests for the 2005 and 2006 federal budget years, too.
At the end of her Fact Hub post she makes this assertion with links to the same AP article. However, while the statement below may be true, this information cannot be found in the linked article.
The list of U.S. Senate earmarks requests Sen. Obama recently released also does not appear to include a number of requests he made jointly with Sen. Durbin.


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