Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hillary Clinton's claims of foreign policy experience

I noticed that in Hillary Clinton's Fact Hub she has a post entitled: "The Facts: Hillary and Kosovo." She was being defensive on this I thought I would check out why. The Associated Press put out a report questioning some of Hillary Clinton's claims to foreign policy experience. Here is a quote from the article you can find at MSNBC.com, ABCNews.com and Fox News.com (emphasis added):

There is little doubt that Clinton was an exceptionally activist first lady. She was the first to set up shop in a West Wing office alongside other White House policymakers, and immediately was in the thick of domestic policy deliberations, most notably her long and unsuccessful fight for health care reform.

Clinton also took a keen interest in foreign policy, traveling to more than 80 countries, with her husband and alone, to promote U.S. policy and the cause of women and children.

But Clinton is taking credit for accomplishing more than some of those who were active in foreign policy during the Clinton years recall.

CNN.com ran their own article. They were a little kinder. Here is a quote:
In some cases, CNN found a lack of clarity on her real involvement in foreign policy affairs. But in other cases, her claims do seem to check out fairly well.
Basically, if former foreign policy experts are now Clinton supporters, they say she had a big impact. However, if they are now Obama supporters, they question her role and her claims.


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