Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hillary misspeaks about Bosnia

Hillary Clinton's Fact Check makes this statement:
Hillary recently misspoke about her trip to Bosnia.
She said she was "landing under sniper fire." "Misspoke" is the kindest word that can be used by her campaign. Words the campaign would not use: lied, embellished, exaggerated, overstated, inflated, aggrandized. She was either deliberately misspeaking or her memory is really bad.
Here is a CBS YouTube video that does a good job of showing the exaggeration:

The Fact Check post also makes this point:
Contemporaneous news accounts confirm that Hillary’s trip to Bosnia was a dangerous situation:
I believe that wording is also an exaggeration. The real point would be that she was in a potentially dangerous situation that was well under control at the time. So, it seems that even the campaign is misspeaking in their explanation of Hillary's misspeaking.


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