Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hillary vs. the polls

Hillary Clinton has made this statement in a press release on March 18th:
A new USA Today/Gallup poll has Hillary leading McCain nationally by 5 points (51-46). The same poll shows Sen. Obama would be in a much tighter race, leading McCain by only 2 points.
I always like to go to the source but I cannot find the results that she mentions. At the Gallup web site this statement can be found, dated March 18th:
There has been no change in the relative positioning of the two Democratic candidates when pitted against John McCain in hypothetical trial heats for the fall election. McCain has a very slight 2-point advantage over Obama. McCain is tied with Clinton, as he has been the last four days.
So, what poll is she referring to? I cannot find it on the USA Today web site either.
If I were Hillary I would not draw too much attention to the polls. Gallup shows that people see her as the most dishonest candidate, by far.
Hillary Clinton is rated as "honest and trustworthy" by 44% of Americans, far fewer than say this about John McCain (67%) and Barack Obama (63%).
Other bad news for Hillary from this poll:
Also, Obama (62%) and McCain (61%) finish well ahead of Clinton in terms of being able to "work well with both parties in Washington to get things done."
One final dimension underscores another potential vulnerability for Clinton -- 47% of Americans say she is someone they would be proud to have as president (51% say they would not be proud to have Clinton). Obama (57%) and McCain (55%) both score above the majority level on this measure, which highlights that both tend to fare better on basic likability measures than Clinton.


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