Sunday, March 09, 2008

My thoughts on Democratic delegates from Michigan and Florida

Both states look like they may be moving to a reasonable conclusion regarding getting the DNC to seat delegates from their respective states. The bottom line for me is this:

(1) Michigan and Florida understood that they were breaking party rules by holding their primaries early. They also understood the consequences. So, if they do not get to seat their delegates at the Democratic National Convention, then they get what they deserve.

(2) That said, it would be a shame not to have their input in this very important and close Democratic candidate race.

(3) There has to be a do-over because the "primaries" they held already were clearly not fair.

(4) The sticking point is who pays for a do-over. I say that the Democratic parties in Florida and Michigan should pay. The DNC should not bail them out. Ideally there should be no general impact on taxpayers.


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