Friday, October 17, 2008

McCain vs. Obama: Why I don't want to vote for either

Not sure what to do with my vote. I'm inclined to not vote for either major candidate and here's why:

  • What was he thinking in choosing Palin? McCain's best argument over Obama was experience. Palin has less experience on a national level than Obama. That takes McCain's argument away. I wonder about his judgment and her ability to step in as president if needed.
  • I want an articulate president.
  • Negative ads - purposely distorting the truth.
  • I was hoping he was the real deal but I think he is looking like a standard politician. Go to the left to get the party's nomination and then switch to the middle for the general election. Lots of earmarks. Shady real estate deal with a convicted felon. Not being truthful about his relationships with others [Once a little controversy comes up about an associate, he distances himself. For example, I believe he knew Rev. Wright for 20 years. I would have respected Obama if he had just said that he didn't agree with the Reverend's extreme positions but that the Reverend and his church do a lot of good. Instead he throws Wright under the bus and claims he didn't know of Wright's views.]
  • Government is not always the solution. I do not want a stronger federal government but Obama leans that way.
  • Too simplistic perhaps in suggesting taxes won't go up for most because he will tax the rich and the corporations. A tax on corporations just gets passed on to us.
  • Negative ads -purposely distorting the truth.


Victor said...

I do not like either also by different reasons. But the same time I feel like it is not ‘patriotic’, if you wish, to stay aside. What helps me to decide who should I vote for is an answer to following question – Who of both will make less damage to our country domestically as well as internationally. And I think that in spite of Obama’s lack of experience he is intelligent and honest. Also his candidates are people of worry for USA rather that for their own pocket… Also I do not like McCain’s strategy to cast a mud over his opponent… I do not want such person lead my country.

Eva said...

i sympathize. i would love for there to be a candidate that i could wholeheartedly support.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment that says to voto for the one that will do less damage to our country... With that said I do believe that trying out socialism is not in our best interest, and that Mr. Obama everyday looks more and more like a certain tropical/latin american democratically elected now turn dictaor Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. At least McCain despite his obvious downfalls has done what he has said to do in the past unlike Obama who lately is looking more and more like the regular old polititian that will say anything to get your vote to then pursue his own agenda...

Anonymous said...

There are other candidates. For some strange reason, they get ignored by the mainstream media ;)

Cynthia McKinney

Bob Barr

McKinney is a former Congresswoman from Georgia. Barr is a current member of Congress. You can check out their congressional voting record at