Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dems vs. Reps: Culture of Corruption?

The democrats railed about the culture of corruption in the Bush administration. Is Obama setting up the same? Hope not but I am disturbed by the following:

Tom Dashle having tax problems and now it is learned that he has recently accepted over $200,000 in speaking fees from the health care industry. Does Obama not see this as a potential conflict of interest in Dashle being nominated to be over helath care for the U.S.?

Pres. Obama has made a rule about not hiring lobbyists but apparently breaks that rule in hiring two former lobbyists, Giethner as Treasury Secretary, and William Lynn as deputy defense secretary.

Tim Geithner as Treasurer who also has tax problems. Can we really trust him to do the right thing?

And, while not the White House:

Senator Dodd getting a sweet deal from Countrywide while being chair of the Senate Banking Committee and refusing to relase information that he said he would. Apparently the Senate Ethics Committee is investigating.

House Ways and Means Committee Chair, Charles Rangel, still has his chairmanship despite serious potential ethics violations and an ethics invesitgation.

I'm sure the Republicans have issues too but I want Obama to walk the talk. If he truly wants an ethical, bipartisan administration then he needs to show some leadership.