Monday, January 18, 2010

Conservatives and corporations

Conservatives see large corporations as vital to the economy and as employers of many people. Liberals are merely jealous of what CEOs make. The federal government and unions hinder corporations and economic prosperity for all. Just as liberals see a greed motive in corporations, conservatives see greed as the motive for unions and politicians.

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Anonymous said...

From my observations and studies it seems that Reps and Dems both do things that are destructive to the environment, generally not in line with the needs of the most needy, and supportive of business. There are so many access points into the "democratic" system for lobbyists that those who can afford to pay get their interests best represented. Rep administrations tend to roll back environmental protections in favor of business, and cut taxes for businesses and the wealthy only a little more than Dems. An example of Dem support for business: Obama's State of the Union address.